Muscadine grapes bloom in the spring and fully develop to a mature grape over a 3 month period. The grapes and fruit juice are delightfully sweet having a pleasant flavor and taste. If not harvested

One of the benefits of grapes, in particular the muscadine, is they possess a high concentration of antioxidants and resveratrol. Medical studies have shown that resveratrol protects and prevents the negative effects of high calorie

Medical research and studies have determined that poor diet can lead to obesity, heart disease, forms of cancer and other debilitating ailments. There are many benefits of grapes that help individuals that are interested in

Eat well. Don’t eat a lot of the wrong foods. Don’t go heavy on the wrong carbohydrates when planning your menu. Eat more protein. Don’t get bad fats, just the good ones. These are all

As much attention as you pay to your child’s nutritional needs, are you aware of how much iron she or he gets in their food? Low levels of iron nutrition can permanently stunt your child’s